Everyone Matters – Toowoomba, a Model City of Peace and Harmony

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Sunday - December 27, 2015

Christmas Music by Fay Jorgensen and Margaret Proellocks

from the Toowoomba Philharmonic Society

Sunday - December 20, 2015

Festival: Christmas

Sunday - December 13, 2015

‘What is Interfaith’ by Kathryn Sternes

‘Debunking myths, celebrating common ground and valuing difference in other religions’

by Trish Sheely

Sunday - December 6, 2015

Advantages of living in diverse society by Saba Alam

‘Inclusivity Beyond the School Boundaries’ by Jadzia Clifford-Pugh

Sunday - November 29, 2015

Interview with Reverend Jonathan Inkpin: 8 songs

Sunday - November 22, 2015

Festival: Guru Nanak Dev Sahib Birthday (24 Nov 2015)

Sunday - November 15, 2015


Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's 90th birthday celebrations (23 Nov 15)

‘Islam and Inter-faith relations – Singapore Experience’

by Imran Taib, Assistant Head, Harmony Centre Singapore

Sunday - November 8, 2015


Panel members – Avril Baynes, Ron Towson, and Taisoo Kim Watson

Avril Baynes, semi-retired academic

Ron Towson, Volunteer of friends of the library association

Taisoo Kim Watson, Member of Quaker faith

Sunday - November 1, 2015

Festival: Deepavali

Sunday - October 25, 2015


Sunday - October 18, 2015

Launch of the Toowoomba City Labyrinth at St. Luke's church

A sharing by participants on ‘Inclusive Diversity - Inclusive Society’ workshop

Introduction to Christianity – A Uniting Church Perspective by Reverend Andrew Gillies

Sunday - October 11, 2015

Humility by Venerable Wuling

Sunday - October 4, 2015

Introducion and history of the Labyrinth

Family Home Evening

by Garth and Joanne Pitman, members of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Sunday - September 27, 2015

International Day of Peace (21st September 2015)

Introduction to Sikhism by Kam Athwal

Sunday - September 20, 2015

Faith and Inclusiveness

A Youth Perspective by Christina Zhang, Hussein Shahab Alabdally,

and Jadzia Clifford-Pugh

Sunday - September 13, 2015

Festival: Rosh Hashanah

Sunday - September 6, 2015

Loyalty within the Family and Society

A Buddhist Perspective by Venerable Wu Ping

A Christian Perspective by Jagdish Narayan

Sunday - August 30, 2015

Introduction to Christianity – A Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Perspective by Bishop John Rea and Vivienne Rea

Filial Piety by Venerable Wu Ping

Sunday - August 23, 2015

Trust in relationship

Panel members

Maria O'Keefe, Elaine Coates and Simon Glen

Maria O'Keefe, Chief Operating Officer Human Services at Lifeline Darling Downs

Elaine Coates, Music Director in Women In Harmony Choir

Simon Glen, member of the Quaker faith

Sunday - August 16, 2015

Interfaith relation - Inclusivity from the Muslim Perspective by Muhammed Haniff

Interfaith relation - Inclusivity from the Hindu Perspective by Sarwan Narayan

Civic Responsibility - A Christain Perspective by Reverend Graham Warren

Sunday - August 9, 2015

Sacred music – Hinduism

Sunday - August 2, 2015

A Good Teacher by Venerable Wuling

Sunday - July 26, 2015

Custodian of the Environment

Custodian of the Environment from the Aboriginal Perspective by Tim Knox

Custodian of the Environment from the Buddhist Perspective by Venerable Wu Chin

Sunday - July 19, 2015

Sacred music – Buddhist

Sunday - July 12, 2015

Interview with Reverend Natalie Adams: 5 songs

Festival: Eid by Kamariah Mohd

Sunday - July 5, 2015

Jewish sacred music

Sunday - June 28, 2015

Compassion for the poor

Panel members – Reverend Penny Jones, Carmel Tulloch, and Sister Dedrie

Sunday - June 21, 2015

A conversation on interfaith relation

with Reverend Jed Perkins, Reverend Dorothy Woodside and Muhammed Haniff

Reverend Jed Perkins represent the Unitarian,

Reverend Dorothy Woodside represent the Spiritualist,

and Muhammed Haniff represent the Muslims

Sunday - June 14, 2015

Festival: Ramadan by Syed Ghazaly

Music in Islam by Muhammed Haniff

Sunday - June 7, 2015

Christian sacred music by Reverend Penny Jones

Sunday - May 31, 2015

Filial Piety

Filial Piety from the Australian culture by Debbie Ryan

Filial Piety from the Lebanese culture by Tony Wigan

Sunday - May 17, 2015

Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and Muslim meditation using beads.

Sunday - May 10, 2015

Introduction to Hinduism by Sarwan Narayan

Introduction to Spiritualist by Reverend Dorothy Woodside

Introduction to Christianity – A Church of Christ Perspective by Reverend Peter Rama Rau

Sunday - May 24, 2015

Introduction to Quaker by Tony Arden

Introduction to Christianity – A Catholic Perspective by Michael Hart

Festival: Pentecost by Michael Hart

Sunday - May 3, 2015

Festival: Vesek by Venerable Wu Ping

Introduction to Christadelphians by Jagdish Narayan

Introduction to USQ Multifaith Centre by Evan Reichelt

Sunday - April 26, 2015

Introduction to Christianity – An Anglican Perspective by Reverend Penny Jones

Introduction to Humanism by Dr Frank Hepple

Introduction to Aboriginal Spirituality by Kim Walmsley

Sunday - April 19, 2015

Introduction to Islam by Muhammed Haniff

Introduction to Unitarianism by Reverend Jed Perkins

Introduction to Judaism by Rabbi Don Levy

Sunday - April 5, 2015

Introduction to the program and Pure Land Learning College Association

Introduction to Buddhism by Venerable Wu Ping

Festival: Easter by Reverend Penny Jones and Reverend Jonathan Inkpin

Festival: Passover by Rabbi Don Levy